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  • Bayer EsplAnade 200SC Quart Btl. Concentrated


    Esplanade 200 SC

    Esplanade 200 SC is advancing weed control. Unlike anything else on the market, this pre-emergent herbicide features a new mode of action, providing effective, long-lasting control. Developed for the industrial vegetation management industry, Esplanade is ideal for use around railroads, roadsides, industrial sites and utility rights-of-way.

    Superior broad-spectrum control of more than 75 weed species

    • Up to 8 months residual control even under the most difficult conditions on more than 75 weed species
    • Unique mode of action helps manage herbicide resistance on key weeds
    • Odorless and non-staining to surfaces
    • Minimal PPE requirement as compared to traditional IVM herbicides
    • Low use rates – up to 60 times less active ingredient on the ground delivers a more sustainable solution
    • Fewer applications result in reduced costs

    Weeds controlled

    Broadleaf weeds:
    Horseweed/marestail, kochia, pigweeds, Russian thistle, yellow starthistle


    Grassy weeds:
    Barnyardgrass, annual bromegrasses, crabgrasses (Digitaria spp.), foxtails, goosegrass, Italian ryegrass, sprangletop, tufted lovegrass, annual sedges